About the Project

From October - December 2021 a questionnaire was sent to property owners within the Sunderland Bay and Surf Beach estates in November 2021, asking if property owners thought there was a need for road and drainage improvements in the area and if they would be prepared to contribute towards upgrades.

A summary of the information gathering and questionnaire results can be found here.

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At Council's ordinary meeting on 16 March 2022, Council resolved to proceed to the Project Planning phase which shall include the preparation of concept plans, cost estimates and a distribution of costs, for a potential urban roads and drainage improvement project in Surf Beach and Sunderland Bay estates. Once concept plans are developed in consultation with the community, these will be presented back to Council for consideration.

The full report can be found in the Council Meeting Minutes on Council’s website at www.basscoast.vic.gov.au/2022meetings.

Next steps

Further community consultation is now open. Submit your feedback below.


Council have engaged consultants to undertake feature survey and also Geotech of the Surf Beach Sunderland Bay areas as part of concept plan development works. These works will likely start over the next week or two and take 6-8 weeks to complete.

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