Speed limit and signage changes

Council is committed to reviewing speed limits across the Shire to reduce the risk and severity of crashes. As well as our proactive review, we receive a significant number of community requests for speed reductions each year. Council is responsible for applying to the Department of Transport and Planning (DTP) to change speed limits on Council-managed roads. For changes to speed limits on the State managed, arterial road network, we can advocate on the community’s behalf.

We refer to the Traffic Engineering Manual (DTP's Speed Zoning Guidelines) that sets speed limits consistently and credibly across Victoria.

The process includes:

  • Initial investigation and application of standards
  • Traffic data collection
  • Consent from transport stakeholders
  • Presentation of a proposal to DTP
  • DTP approval process
  • Ordering, delivery and installation of speed signage

Follow this page for any upcoming engagements on speed limit reviews and signage changes. To report a road that you believe may need a speed review, contact Bass Coast Shire Council’s Sustainable Transport and Movement Team via phone 1300 BCOAST (226 278) or email traffic@basscoast.vic.gov.au

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