Council applied to the Department of Transport and Planning (DTP) to review the speed limit on Lynnes Road, recommending that the speed limit be reduced from 100 km/h to 80 km/h.

Lynnes Road is a sealed two-way road, designated as a rural collector on Council’s Road Hierarchy. The section under consideration passes through the Wattle Bank hamlet.

With the current population growth in Bass Coast, a speed reduction would benefit the community from a road safety point of view, while improving residential amenity.

Speed reductions reduce road traumas and improve the amenity of an area. The implementation of these improvements will emphasise the presence of the hamlet, encourage road safety awareness, giving residents, workers and visitors a safer travel environment.

Feedback was open from 24 June 2022 to 25 July 2022. Thank you for your feedback. All feedback received was used to support the application to DTP.

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