About The Project

Bass Coast Shire Council have engaged Hansen Partnership to prepare a Master Plan for the Wonthaggi Activity Centre Streetscape. The purpose of this Master Plan is to identify how the township centre should be developed to meet the strategic objectives identified in the 2021 - 2025 Council Plan. As identified by the Wonthaggi Activity Centre Plan and the Wonthaggi Access and Movement Study, the Master Plan will address the following key objectives:

  • Re-create ‘Streets for people’
  • Reinvigorate the character of Wonthaggi
  • Activate centre of town and connect to the four ends
  • Shift the transport mode hierarchy from vehicle first to pedestrian first
  • Ensuring flexible design solutions to meet short term and long-term goals
  • Future proofing through innovative solutions and smart city infrastructure

The Master Plan addresses incentives to ride and walk, protected bike lanes which will provide safe and comfortable environments to travel, ensuring safe access to all pedestrians, ample carparking and shared streetscapes.

The study area for the Wonthaggi Activity Centre Streetscape Master Plan is bound by Murray Street to the North, Watt Street to the South, Bass Highway/McKenzie Street to the East and Biggs Drive/Billson Street to the West. The central Graham Street, and the intersecting McBride Avenue, form the two core axes of the study area. The road network, the Council car parking, the generous pedestrian paved areas outside shops, and the local laneways, are currently viewed as opportunities to further activate the Town Centre.

The streetscape improvements, achieved through creatively landscaped areas will provide a physical and community connection to multiple spaces throughout the town.

Public consultation was open from February to 8 March 2023 and now closed for review. Thank you for your feedback.

Next Steps

The feedback received will be reviewed and considered for inclusion in the Wonthaggi Streetscapes Master Plan prior to going to Council to seek adoption.

  • Graham Street

  • McBride Avenue

  • Murray Street

  • Watt Street

  • Bass Highway / McKenzie Street

  • Biggs Drive

  • Billson Street

  • Laneways

Historical photo of the Whalebone Hotel

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