About The Project

Bass Coast Shire Council have a long-term vision for the Wonthaggi Activity Centre. The project will address the following key objectives:

  • Re-create ‘Streets for people’
  • Reinvigorate the character of Wonthaggi
  • Activate centre of town and connect to the four ends
  • Shift the transport mode hierarchy from vehicle first to pedestrian first
  • Flexible design solutions to meet short term and long-term goals
  • Future proofing through innovative solutions and smart city infrastructure

The project addresses incentives to ride and walk, protected bike lanes which will provide safe and comfortable environments to travel, ensuring safe access to all pedestrians, ample carparking and shared streetscapes.

The streetscape improvements, achieved through creatively landscaped areas will provide a physical and community connection to multiple spaces throughout the town.

  • Wonthaggi Access and Movement Study

    A 30-year vision with a focus on 'doing more with less.' As Wonthaggi's population is expected to double, the project looks at designing a transport system that is space and environmentally efficient, providing access to healthier transport modes and creating people-focused streets.

  • Wonthaggi Activity Centre Streetscape Master Plan

    This Plan will revitalise the town, prioritising pedestrians, connecting key areas, and shifting to sustainable transport. With protected bike lanes, ample parking, and innovative solutions, it fosters a vibrant and future-proofed community.

Master Plan Actions

  • Schematic Designs of Streetscape Master Plan

    The schematic design stage is complete. The designs present a vibrant, connected town centre with an emphasis on walking, biking, and inclusive shared spaces.

Stage 1

  • Stage 1: Watt Street Car Parking Formalisation

    This initiative enhances accessibility with 26 car parking spaces and will include rectification and resealing of Watt Street, ensuring a comprehensive transformation.

Stage 2

  • Stage 1: Greening of Graham Street

    This part of the project will see approximately 12 Crepe Myrtle trees planted along Graham Street improving the look and feel of the street.

Concept Illustrations - Greening of Graham Street