Wonthaggi and the broader Bass Coast region are growing rapidly.

The Wonthaggi Access and Movement Study and the Wonthaggi Activity Centre Plan highlight the need for streetscape transformation that will improve amenity, functionality, connectivity and safe access for the whole community.

The vision set out is to enhance the quality and the character of the Wonthaggi Town Centre, elevating the town’s status and capacity as a regional centre. The plan identifies four key sites in Wonthaggi that are critical to this transformation:

  • McBride Avenue
  • Graham Street
  • Apex Park
  • The former Wonthaggi Secondary College campus

Following on from the adoption of these plans in April 2021, Council has engaged Hansen Partnership to undertake the Wonthaggi Streetscapes Masterplan to fully realise the vision set in earlier plans. Further community engagement will be undertaken as part of the Masterplan works. Further concepts reflecting a pedestrian and cycling friendly town and how they co-exist with car parking will be provided.

As part of the streetscape enhancements, there is the opportunity to celebrate Wonthaggi’s rich cultural history, recognise and celebrate the traditional owners of the land and promote the close relationship between coast and town.

Valued heritage elements such as the Norfolk pines, early era buildings and architecture, the mining poppet head, mine whistle and former train station (now the museum) will be intrinsic to a design that builds on Wonthaggi’s unique character. The streetscapes project will meet the needs of Wonthaggi’s diverse community and create an attractive destination for all who visit.