About the Project

The Cowes Streetscape Master Planning project entails the redesign and improvement of Cowes main community and visitor activity hub on Thompson Avenue, from The Esplanade to Church Street. Streetscape redevelopment will respond to population and tourism growth by delivering an attractive social, dining and retail environment, prioritising pedestrian use, generating investment and creating jobs.

The Cowes Streetscape Master Planning Project will:

  1. Connect the township to the foreshore
  2. Reinvigorate the character of Cowes
  3. Connect the two ends of town (The Esplanade to Olive Justice Place to the Redeveloped Cowes Cultural and Community Centre which will open in 2023).
  4. Change the transport modal hierarchy in favour of the pedestrian and sustainable mobility.

The awarded consultant, Hansen Partnership, has addressed incentives to ride and walk, protected bike lanes which will provide safe and comfortable environments to travel, ensuring safe access to all pedestrians, ample carparking and shared streetscapes.

This project is part of the greater Cowes Activity Centre Plan, a major place shaping plan which includes the development of the Cowes Cultural and Community Centre (due to open in 2023) and completed projects; the Jetty Triangle and Cowes Transit Station. The streetscape improvements, achieved through creatively landscaped areas will provide a physical and community connection to multiple spaces throughout the town.

The Cowes Streetscape Master Plan was adopted by Council in the December 2022 Council Meeting.