Following the adoption of the Cowes Streetscape Master Plan in November 2022, Bass Coast Shire Council has commence stage 1 of the project, which involves formalising The Esplanade as a one-way traffic route. Council previously invited community members to provide their feedback on this proposed permanent change.

In accordance with clause 9 of Schedule 11 of the Local Government Act 1989, Council intends to restrict vehicle passage to flow solely in a one-way direction: from east to west between Thompson Avenue and Warley Avenue, and from west to east between Thompson Ave and Bass Ave (as depicted in the image below). By formalising one-way traffic in this specific area, Council embarked on implementing the stage 1 program of works aimed at enhancing the Cowes Activity Centre.

Community members were encouraged to submit their feedback regarding the proposed change in road usage. All submissions received within the specified timeframe were diligently reviewed and taken into consideration when making the final decision. Written submissions followed the guidelines set forth by sections 203 and 223 of the Local Government Act 1989. Submissions could be made through various channels, such as online forms, written correspondence. The submission period lasted for 28 days from the initial notice.

Written submissions that met all necessary requirements were evaluated in line with sections 203 and 223 of the Act. Any person requesting to be heard in support of their submission is entitled to be heard before Council or be represented by a person acting on their behalf. At the close of the 28 days period, all persons requesting to be heard will be notified of the time and date of the hearing.

After careful consideration of all received submissions, Council will proceed with either formalising the permanent change to one-way traffic along The Esplanade or maintaining it as a two-way street, with delivery to coincide with the streetscape master plan construction works.