Smiths Beach Plan gets green light

In June 2019, Council approved the budget initiative to commence work on the Smiths Beach Master Plan which was a result of a budget submission from the Smiths Beachcombers Association (SBA).

The Smiths Beach Town Plan sets out the vision, objectives and priority projects for Smiths Beach across 7 key domains. The plan seeks to enhance and improve the safety, amenity and enjoyment of the lifestyle and setting of Smiths Beach and set a pathway to resolve challenges within the Smiths Beach Township in the context of the town’s unique context and relationship to the surrounding area.

Council developed five key milestones for the project as follows:

  1. Collate background material and prepare a ‘Context Summary’ (early 2020)
  2. Consult the community to develop the vision, objectives and key themes of the masterplan and develop an ‘Engagement Summary’ (May-July 2020)
  3. Prepare a Draft Master Plan based on the information gathered (early 2021)
  4. Engage the community on the Draft Master Plan. (July-October 2021)
  5. Prepare a Final Master Plan based on community feedback (early 2022)

Council adopted the final Smiths Beach Town Plan on 20 April 2022. The plan includes around 70 individual actions across the seven key themes relating to a wide range of aspects of life in Smiths Beach. The plan also included four “Game Changer” projects that will have the highest social, economic and environmental effect on the community. Those projects are:

  • Game Changer Project 1: Create a Trail to Link the Beaches
  • Game Changer Project 2: Complete the YCW Activity Area Master Plan
  • Game Changer Project 3: Reimagine Smiths Beach Car Park
  • Game Changer Project 4: Enhance the Town Centre