This project is a further stage of the Cowes Rhyll Road shared path link in collaboration between Phillip Island Nature Park (the Nature Parks) and Bass Coast Shire Council. This stage will include the upgrade of a section of gravel path and widen path to shared trails standard.

Please see the map below showing the areas 1, 2, & 3. Steve Wheatley Concreting Pty Ltd is appointed to carry out Concrete footpaths and Gravel footpaths followed by renewal of board walks by Philip Island Nature Parks.

Concrete footpath construction works commenced on Monday 29 January 2024 and will be followed by the gravel footpath construction works by Steve Wheatley Concreting Pty Ltd and board walk construction works by the Nature Parks. All construction works are anticipated to be completed by end of June 2024.

This is subject to favourable weather, contractor, and unexpected supplier unavailability.

This project is funded by Regional Development Victoria (RDV) - $196,500.00 and Bass Coast Shire Council - $65,500.00, with a total cost of $262,500.00.

  • Attractive and accessible public open spaces that complement and enhance the Shire’s visitor economy.
  • Renewal of the shared paths in responds to community demand with walking as the most popular activity within the Shire and increased pedestrian and cyclist activities in Bass Coast.
  • Improved physical and mental wellbeing for the community by promoting active transport and supporting healthy and active communities.
  • This project will improve safety for all path users with greater connection and accessibility.

This project is funded by Regional Development Victoria (RDV) - $196,500.00 and Bass Coast Shire Council - $65,500.00, total of $262,500.00.

  • Preparation of the sections of existing gravel shared path for the construction of concrete footpaths.
  • Concrete footpath construction with the use of concrete pump from Cowes Rhyll Road.
  • Renewal of existing gravel shared paths with gravel overlay.
  • Renewal of existing boardwalks with widening and fibre reinforced plastic decking and handrails where required.
  • Closure of footpath during construction works as and when required.
  • Appropriate traffic and pedestrian control measures will be implemented onsite with all required signages.
  • The use of heavy plant, noisy machinery and vibration works for construction including use of trucks for removal and delivery of materials.

Cowes to Rhyll Path - Stage 2 Alignment

Cowes to Rhyll Path Stage 2

Cowes to Rhyll Path Stage 2