About the Project

The Cowes to Rhyll Shared Path project aims to connect Rhyll to the main township of Cowes and improve pedestrian access in the community. These works will provide a safe, off-road link between the two areas increasing health and well-being, reducing vehicle traffic and continued expansion of our tracks and trails network. The Trail will also create a new nature-based tourism visitor attraction, providing access to the unique experience of walking and cycling in Bass Coast.

This project was previously identified in Councils’ Aspirational Pathways Plan and is now part of Council's newly adopted Track and Trails strategy (a copy of which can be found under the Document Library).

Stage 4 of this trail provides the connection from the top of McIlwraith Road in Rhyll into the Rhyll township.

Community Consultation

Council recently held an engagement period to seek feedback from the community on three possible options for the Stage 4 alignment:

Option 1: Travel south down McIlwraith and through Rhyll Park

Option 2: Similar to Option 1, but rather than going through Rhyll park, the alignment will be along the eastern boundary of the reserve along Walton St

Option 3: From the top of McIlwraith Road, continue the path around the headland

Community engagement has now closed.

We would like to thank everyone who participated in the recent community engagement. The preferred option selected by the community was Option 3: From the top of McIlwraith Road, continue the path around the headland.

Project Update

Council will now commence the feasibility and design process for this path alignment, with funding in the 2023/24 budget to undertake this work.

When designing and constructing pathways, there are a number of tasks that Council must undertake to determine the best alignment. They include:

  • Determining the land owner of the site (if not Council), and seeking approval to proceed with project
  • Undertaking Cultural Heritage Due Diligence/Cultural Heritage Management Plan
  • Seeking consent for coastal projects under the Marine and Coastal Act
  • Considering any planning overlays affecting the site
  • Considering the best path surface for the location. It must meet requirements of the outcomes of the path planning tasks listed in the points above, as well as providing a level of service that meets the needs of users. It should also be an appropriate surface from a maintenance perspective.

Council will now commence this design work. Further updates on this project through this page as the feasibility and design process continues.

Map of Stage 4 - Headland Shared Path

From the top of McIlwraith Road, around the headland, to Beach Road. Indicative alignment shown, with alignment to be confirmed through the feasibility and design process.
Map showing Cowes Rhyll path Stage 4 alignment from McIlwraith Road, around the headland, to Beach Road