About the Project

Stage 4 of this trail provides the connection from the top of McIlwraith Road in Rhyll into the Rhyll township.

Council sought feedback on three possible options for this alignment:

  • Option 1: Travel south down McIlwraith and through Rhyll Park
  • Option 2: Similar to Option 1, but rather than going through Rhyll park, the alignment will be along the eastern boundary of the reserve along Walton St
  • Option 3: From the top of McIlwraith Road, continue the path around the headland

Each of the options will require varying levels of work and required funding to progress to construction readiness.

We have had an overwhelming response to this engagement so Council will use the information collected during this consultation period to inform a decision on the preferred alignment.

Next Steps

We will consider feedback and report back to the community on outcomes.

Maps for all three options

Option 1 & 2 will connect into existing pathway on Lock Road, which will be widened.