About the Project

In Bass Coast, these shovel-ready tracks and trails projects play a critical role in the health and wellbeing of our community. They provide a sense of connection, offer opportunities for recreation and exploration, and promote a healthy lifestyle. But they also have a significant economic impact, providing links to key attractions and contributing to our unique eco-tourism.

That’s why we’re prioritising a series of future tracks and trails that respond to recreation trends and preferences, fill gaps in the existing network, provide physical connections and aligns with our integrated transport strategy.

Our new tracks and trails will transform th community, enhancing the visitor experience and contributing to our local economy.

With a $5 million investment package, we can strengthen connections to major trails, activity centres, schools, community facilities, and tourism locations.

Increased investment in Tracks and Trails will:
• Improve community health
• Improve wellbeing
• Create construction jobs and support ongoing employment
• Stimulate our visitor economy