About the project

map of Silverleaves beach showing the works to be done

Location of the proposed dune and beach renourisment works at the Silverleaves foreshore

The sand renourishment works are an immediate-term response to mitigate wave erosion on the Silverleaves foreshore. This project is a partnership between Council and the Department of Energy, Environment and Climate Action (DEECA). The sand renourishment is being undertaken to “hold the line” of erosion until longer-term responses are implemented.

Coastlines are dynamic environments that are constantly changing as natural processes like waves, erosion and tidal currents shape and reshape landscapes. Council, DEECA, the community and researchers have actively monitored the Silverleaves area for many years, which has been impacted recently by erosion.

To understand what is happening at the site and determine adaptation options for the mid to longer term management of erosion, a Coastal Processes Study is planned for later this year which will be overseen by DECCA. Without further understanding what is happening at Silverleaves from a scientific perspective, poorly considered works could worsen the erosion and/or transfer the issue further down the beach. The Study will determine all options for adapting to climate-change-induced sea level rise, plus increased storm activity over coming years and decades.

The Coastal Processes Study will assess risk, inundation, existing coastal protection infrastructure, coastal processes and provide options for current management in a local context, enabling communities to understand and implement adaptation planning for current and future coastal hazards.