Bass Coast Shire has appointed Gippsland Security Fencing to carry out fencing works at Kilcunda Viaduct Bridge. Map of site below.

This project is a part of the 2021/22 Capital Works Open Space Program and is fully funded by Council in the order of $55,000.

Preservation of the Viaduct Bridge in its current form and help warn members of the public to NOT Climb the unstable bridge that is iconic to Kilcunda.

This project is a part of the 2021/22 Capital Works Open Space Program and is fully funded by Council in the order of $55,000.

The Viaduct fencing works have been completed with further investigation and concept design works to take place including works around the underside of the bridge, maintaining safe passage for pedestrian use.


NOVEMBER 2022 - Progress Update

Orchard Designs have provided Council with a conceptual design that can be viewed on this page.

Civil Test attended the site to perform a soil test and Council is awaiting the final report.

Deery Consulting have been engaged to provide the technical drawings and design work. The concept drawings have been delivered to Deery Consulting for review and they will use the soil test results and concept design to prepare the structural steel design and all technical drawings for the project.

We endeavor to have the project ready for quotation in early 2023.

Fencing has been installed as an immediate safety measure to prevent people from climbing on the bridge or walking across the dteriorated decking.

History of the Kilunda Viaduct Bridge

The Viaduct Bridge in Kilcunda is an ex-railways timber trestle bridge owned by Council and has been out of service for approximately 50 years. Although the structure is in an advanced state of deterioration, it has heritage value with the Kilcunda residents and wider community expressing a passionate view about its preservation. The project will allow pedestrians to continue walking under the structure safely, at present there is risk of debris falling as it deteriorates further in future. This project has commenced with architectural concept plans. Engagement with the Kilcunda residents is continuing to finalise plans and once agreed structural drawings will be completed in time for delivery of safety mesh underneath the bridge. This will provide a safe passage for users to travel underneath. Fencing has been installed on top of the bridge to stop pedestrians accessing the structure due to safety reasons.

Location of Works

Location of works