Monday 5 June 2023

Bass Coast's Registered Aboriginal Party (RAP) is listed by the Victorian Government as the Bunurong Land Council Aboriginal Corporation (BLCAC). In accordance with Victorian Government guidelines, Council approached BLCAC to request a name for the centre. Several meetings were held with senior members of the BLCAC to discuss the naming process over many months. The naming process was also supported by Council's First Nations Advisory Committee which comprised of elders who live and work in Bass Coast.

A naming committee of BLCAC gifted Bass Coast Shire Council with four names, which we were given permission to use for a public vote. This was on the condition that only these could be used and not as a choice against other language options. This is consistent with current practice where Traditional Owners are engaged.

The four First Nations naming options are:

  • Barmewoon (Meaning: Only My Strength)
  • Mogarmarlarly Murk (Meaning: Lead Me)
  • Berninneit (Meaning: Gather Together)
  • Kummargee (Meaning: Rise Up).

Council is aware that members of the Boonwurrung people have a current case in the Federal Court seeking native title for the area. While it was appropriate for Council to engage directly with BLCAC for the naming of the new cultural centre, we always remain open and welcome discussion with all First Nations Peoples.