About the project

The new cultural and community centre in Cowes is nearing completion, and so Bass Coast Shire Council is pleased to announce that we have resolved to name the building with a First Nations naming word, thanks to the help from our local Traditional Owners, Bunurong Land Council Aboriginal Corporation (BLCAC).

Increasingly, Aboriginal language words are being employed to name public places throughout Australia. The naming of public buildings acknowledges and recognises the deep cultural history and connection to country of the places in which we live. As such, we are pleased to take this opportunity to acknowledge our First Nations communities in a meaningful and lasting way.

It is a protocol to engage with Traditional Owners to request permission to use First Nations languages. Council has sought four names from Bunurong Land Council Aboriginal Corporation (BLCAC) for the community to select from. We are now seeking community feedback to choose the final name.

We are inviting the community to vote for their preference at the link below, and we would love to hear feedback on why the naming words resonate with you.

The Naming Options

We would like to thank the Traditional Owners at Bunurong Land Council Aboriginal Corporation (BLCAC) for offering the following First Nations naming options for the building in the local Boon Wurrung language:


Meaning: Only My Strength
Pronunciation: barm-eh-woon

Mogarmarlarly Murk

Meaning: Lead Me
Pronunciation: mogga-ma-lar-lee merk


Meaning: Gather Together
Pronunciation: burn-eh-neet


Meaning: Rise Up
Pronunciation: kumm-ar-jee

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