About the Project

In line with the Strategic Tracks and Trails and Footpath GAPS Program we will be delivering three new footpath alignments to provide a connection from Corinella Town Center to the nearby jetty. These works will give residents and community a safe pedestrian connection to existing footpath network.

The construction part of this project (Stage 2), involves the construction of three alignments, a footpath along Albon Street, linking the existing footpath along Smythe Street to the end of Peters Street through to the Corinella Foreshore Jetty with another footpath to be delivered along the Esplanade. A raised pedestrian safety crossings will be installed in Peters Street.

Stage 1 of the project consists of finalisation of Permits and Consents, Community Consultation, Designs and Drawings and Tender documentation.

Stage 2 of the project will consist of the construction of the pathway alignments and pedestrian crossing.

This project represents an investment in upgrading our footpath network as part of Council’s Pathways GAPS Program and will improve access for pedestrians for the community.

Works will be undertaken, subject to favourable weather conditions and be completed in the 2023/24 financial year.

This project is funded by the Footpath GAPS Program and Developer Contributions

  • Construction of a 1.5 metre wide fibre reinforced concrete path from Smythe Street to Corinella Jetty (along Smyth Street ad Peters Street), service adjustments for water, power and Telstra services, and alterations for stormwater pit lids, as required.
  • Construction of a 2.0 metre wide fibre reinforced concrete path along The Esplanade from Peters Street to Hamilton Street, including retaining wall, safety fencing, Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) parking/access improvements and raised safety platform.
  • Construction of a 1.5 metre wide fibre reinforced concrete path from Smythe Street to Corinella Jetty (via Albion Street crossing Smyth Street and The Esplanade) service adjustments for water, power and Telstra services, and alterations for stormwater pit lids, as required. A refuge is included in this alignment to allow for crossing Smythe Street.
  • Minor vegetation trimming to allow for the construction of the new footpath.
  • New seating to be installed.
  • New footpath laybacks at intersections and connection of path to existing bus stop.
  • Some existing driveways will be replaced with plain reinforced concrete at no cost to the property owner. The reason for replacement of some driveways is to allow the correct cross fall and match new levels for the path.
  • Access to your property will be restricted for a four-day period following from when the concrete is poured. This is required to allow the concrete to set properly before any vehicles can use the driveway. Our contractor will advise them, in advance, of any works affecting access to their properties.
  • Appropriate traffic and pedestrian control measures will be implemented onsite during these works. This will be a construction zone and we appreciate that for your own safety and others that access will be restricted. Access to the boat ramp facility and emergency services will always be available.
  • The use of heavy plant and machinery including noisy and vibration works for construction including saw cutting, use of trucks for removal or delivery of materials.

Significant community consultation was undertaken with stakeholders and the community to inform the design of the alignments. The need and desire of this pathway to be construction received lots of support.

A link to a survey and letter was sent to the following stakeholder and community members on 17 Dec 2021 to:

  • Corinella Foreshore Committee of Management (and their associated mailing lists)
  • Corinella Ratepayers & Residents Association Inc. (and their associated mailing lists)
  • Residents abutting all three pathway alignment options proposed

The link to the online engagement portal provided three downloadable concept designs, a questionnaire and an interactive map.

Community engagement resulted in preference for footpath alignment option C.

Option B will be further investigated and considered subject to feasibility study and budget constraints.

Community Preference

To see the options, click the link below:


Councill continued to consult with representatives from the Ratepayers Association, Committee of Management and other Government Authorities during the design and approvals phases of Stage 1 (February 2022 - February 2023).

Pathway Alignment