Bass Coast Shire Council adopted the 2022-23 Annual Budget at its June Ordinary Council Meeting on 15 June 2022.

This budget continues the strong investment in capital works projects with a program of $29 million, including:

  • $5 million for the final stage of Cowes Cultural and Community Centre Redevelopment and associated Public Realm Improvements.
  • $1.6 million for Grantville Landfill Micro Turbines
  • $3 million for Wonthaggi Activity Centre Plan priorities
  • $1.8 million for Shetland Heights/Potters Hill Roads, Drainage and Footpaths

Also included in the Budget is $12.5 million for new leisure and recreation facilities, $14.4 million to maintain and improve Bass Coast’s road and pathways network, $18.8 million on waste services and $12.1 million to upgrade community facilities.

The Proposed Budget was made available for public comment following the April Council Meeting and five submissions were received. Of those, two were heard in person.

In response to the submissions received from the community and additional information that has been provided since the release of the draft Budget, there were a number of changes to the final 2022-23 Annual Budget.

These changes include the allocation of funding towards:

  • Rhyll Playground - $270,000
  • ‘For Our Future’ Arts Collaboration - $50,000
  • Blue Gum Community Garden - $278,000
  • Refurbishment of the former CFA Building in Cowes - $185,000
  • Cowes Recreation masterplan - $80,000
  • Corinella Bowls Club disability access toilet design - $30,000
  • Crown Land Strategic Review - $30,000

The Annual Budget supports the delivery of over 100 services to the community and Council’s ongoing commitment to providing accessible, affordable and sustainable services for all Bass Coast communities.

Budget Highlights


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