About the Project

Bass Coast Shire has a legacy of over 96km of urban roads not built to acceptable modern standards, worth in excess of $192 million to upgrade. Council seeks a significant increase in funding to address sealing roads across the Shire to provide the expected quality urban areas, to support our visitor economy and accommodate our tourists and residents.

Affecting over 6,233 properties these urban unsealed roads are experiencing increasing levels of traffic and generating high levels of dust.

These gravel roads feature a substandard design for their current traffic volume and have their speed limits reduced to assist with road safety. Environmental concerns abound due to the silt run-off from the gravel road. This impacts both stormwater and sewerage systems and has greater impacts on the RAMSAR-listed wetlands in these areas.

  • Improved access, amenity and safety for all road users
  • Improved pedestrian access and safety crossing Bass Highway
  • Improved traffic flow through Kilcunda, San Remo and Phillip Island
  • Increased car parking in Kilcunda
  • Improved access to and from Bass Highway
  • Increased business and tourism attractiveness
  • Improved access to public transport services.
  • Better amenity
  • A reduction in road user costs including both outlay when purchasing vehicles and maintenance costs
  • Improved environmental outcomes from dust reduction, resulting in better environmental outcomes
  • Improved conditions for vehicles carrying livestock, with better outcomes for livestock
  • Reduced delays during wet weather conditions
  • Reduced travel times
  • Reduced driver fatigue