About the Project

The Bass Coast Tracks and Trails Strategy 2022–2032 was adopted at Councils meeting on 16 November 2022 and consolidates existing plans, documents and strategies into a single Strategy and provides strategic guidance on the planning, design, and delivery of an interconnected, shire-wide tracks and trails network.

The Strategy is underpinned by six key principles that determine the vision, assessment tool criteria, levels of service, quality standards and trail development stages.

All tracks and trails (newly identified and from previous strategies) have been evaluated by the assessment tool which has delivered an implementation plan in order of high, medium, and low priority projects. The assessment tool allows for identification of future trails to be evaluated and included into the implementation plan.

The Bass Coast Tracks and Trails Strategy and Delivery Plan guides advocacy, planning, design and delivery of tracks and trails in the Shire.

Breakdown of community consultation results

Community Consultation wrap-up