Council appointed SR Excavations Pty Ltd to undertake the renewal and repair of shared path signage from Cowes to Anderson to Inverloch along the shared path network.

The replacement and renewal of signage will ensure that all signage along the shared path is in accordance with current standards.

The project addressed the following:

- That the existing signs that are correct

- The damaged signs be rectified

- The incorrect signs to be replaced with new signs

- The obscured signs to be visible by trimming back vegetation

- The signs that are redundant to be removed

- Signs to be installed were possible safety issues have been identified

- Install any signs that are missing either to conform with the standards and guidelines, or to make the travel path clearer

These works were fully funded by Council in the order of $140,000.

Completed Photos

Area of Works

Cowes to Anderson and Inverloch Shared Pathways