Want to influence the future of San Remo?

Over the next 20 years, it is projected that San Remo will grow by between 400 and as much 2100 additional permanent residents.

For San Remo to continue to be a vibrant place to live and visit, Bass Coast Shire Council is developing a structure plan to guide its future growth and development to 2041. The plan will be shaped by technical reports and community feedback, and will provide direction for planning controls, transportation, infrastructure, and other services.

We invite community members to participate in the project by:

  • sharing what's important, their issues and ideas for San Remo's future by placing markers on the map below
  • expressing interest in joining the community reference panel that will guide the development of the plan

Community reference group

We are forming a community reference group to participate in several in-person workshops in early to mid 2024 to help us design the future of San Remo.

We want the community reference group to represent all of San Remo so we’re seeking both permanent and seasonal residents as well as business owners and operators to join the group. If you’re interested, be sure to express your interest on the following page.

Express your interest here