As you may or may not be aware, a minor landslip occurred during significant rainfall events in August 2022. The minor landslip is located on Loch Wonthaggi Road, Ryanston 100 metres north of Milne Road. See location map attached and photo below. Infrastructure Maintenance team acted quickly to provide temporary warning signage on this section of road for public and road users safety.

Loch Wonthaggi Road is a vital rural link road which is Council’s highest level rural road and provides key linkages across the shire. This road services public commuters, agricultural, dairy vehicles, and school buses.

Council has engaged SR Excavations as a part of our annual supply contract to carry out remedial emergency works for this landslip.

Emergency works are funded by Council in the order og $30,000.

The works will involve:

  • Retaining rock wall structure.
  • Placement of locally sourced fill to repair the batter slope.
  • Extend the current drainage culvert pipe
  • Reinstate crushed rock on the road shoulder

We appreciate that these works may present an inconvenience to road users, and we ask for their patience during these times, whilst implementing appropriate traffic control measures. Road users may experience some traffic delays (up to 5 minutes). Please plan your trip accordingly.

Map of Works

Map of works