About the Project

Bass Coast Shire has appointed Infrastructure Management Group Pty Ltd through Formal Quotation Process to carry out Road Condition Audit on the entire road network across BCSC. See photos below. Road Condition Survey is expected to commence the week of 11 September 2023 and completion is anticipated within 3 weeks, subject to favourable weather. These surveys are fully funded by Council in the order of $295,068 (including GST).

The information gained from this exercise will enable better management of this important community asset, enabling more effective maintenance and renewal strategies to improve connectivity, mobility & safety.

These surveys are fully funded by Council in the order of $295,068 (including GST).
  • There will be vehicles driving around the shire recording/photographing the streets as a way to collate data and assess the assets we have.
  • All cameras are focused on the road surface structure with some limited viewing of areas directly adjacent.
  • No image recordings of commercial, residential, private property or structures will be undertaken.
  • Fliers with further information can be found in Council customer service or please visit our website.
image of vehicle with cameras on roof to assess road condition

Road condition audit vehicle