About the Project

Did you know that Council manages and maintains 995km of local roads? Sealed roads make up 617km with 378km unsealed.

This extensive network grows every year as new developments are created. Each year, the expenses increase as we upkeep both existing and newly added roads that have been constructed and gifted to Council.

To ensure these roads meet the community's needs we have a Road Asset Management Plan (RAMP). The RAMP is designed to outline the service levels required to maintain our urban and rural roads cost-effectively. The RAMP is updated every four years and is due for revision this year. We aim to maintain our current service levels and would love to hear your input on this.

The Road Asset Management Plan assesses the current state of our road network, including kerbs. However, it's important to note that the RAMP does NOT cover upgrades to unsealed roads. Council undertook a dust suppression trial in Bass Coast between 2005 and 2007 and trialed a range of treatments to minimise dust on our unsealed urban roads. These roads are considered unsealed and are subject to our Urban Roads and Drainage Improvement Policy (URDI). The URDI Policy includes a list of roads that have a dust suppression seal and information on how you can propose to have your road sealed.

The Department of Transport is responsible for the arterial roads in Bass Coast Shire and Council is responsible for the rest. The arterial roads are shown in red on the map of roads in Bass Coast Shire and local roads are shown in grey.

This survey intends to address Council's local roads only.

Council is looking for feedback on the levels of service. These levels form the basis for the Asset Management Plan's lifecycle management strategies and work programs. They are designed to align with the strategic goals outlined in the Council Plan, balancing community needs with available resources. As community expectations evolve, these service levels are adjusted to address priorities fairly and equitably. For more information, refer to the Road Asset Management Plan draft and Road Condition Service Levels documents.

How to share your feedback:

Share your thoughts on the conditions of Council's local roads by completing the online survey below or

Email: basscoast@basscoast.vic.gov.au

Next steps

Council will review feedback received and may include on final document for Council Meeting in July 2024.


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