About the Project

Transport into and around Bass Coast needs improvement to the number of services, connectivity and accessible infrastructure. Improved accessible transport options will increase accessibility to jobs and education and have a significant impact on the local community.

These improvements will also ensure that the transport system can cope with anticipated growth in Bass Coast, in particular in the areas of population, tourism and freight. Bass Coast Shire has experienced a 20 per cent population growth in the past 10 years, with a further 28 per cent growth predicted by 2036, with the population growing to 46,429.

Rising traffic congestion is a concern in our major towns. Bass Coast has a car dependency problem. Traffic congestion is a symptom of a lack of viable alternatives to the car. Solving congestion can only be achieved by shifting a significant proportion of car trips to public transport that is accessible for all. Limited options to accessible public transport impacts liveability and re-enforces disadvantage and social isolation.

To increase options to accessible public transport, Council seeks funding to run an On-Demand Transport Pilot program for Phillip Island and San Remo. For further details -Public Transport: On Demand

Our public transport network in Bass Coast Shire is infrequent and in case of buses does not operate on weekends. Key services have had minimal timetabling updates since 2009. Council seeks a review of service levels, accessible infrastructure and connectivity of the public transport network within Bass Coast.