About the project

The objective of this project is to develop and define guidelines and fee structure for parklets in Bass Coast Shire. This process will:

  • Provide a clear application and approval pathway for parklets
  • Provide guidelines and requirements for parklets to be assessed
  • Provide a mechanism for agreements, maintenance and permit renewals

We aim to balance the needs of residents, business owners and visitors while facilitating economic development through enhanced streetscape vibrancy, increased dwell time and more access to dine-in experiences.

What is a parklet?

Parklets allow business to safely extend their outdoor trading area beyond the footpath. It usually involves the temporary use of on-street car parking spaces for outdoor dining and trader use.

2022 Bass Coast Parklets

Please see the list below for locations of existing parklets in Bass Coast.

  • Inlet Hotel, 3–5 The Esplanade, Inverloch
  • The Invy Espy Hotel, 1 A'Beckett Street, Inverloch
  • Community space outside Vela 9/Mookah, 11 A'Becket Street, Inverloch

San Remo
  • San Remo Hotel Hotel, 145 Marine Parade, San Remo
  • Westernport Hotel, 161 Marine Parade, San Remo

  • Hotel Phillip Island, 11-13 The Esplanade, Cowes
  • Ocean Reach Brewing, 47 Thompson Avenue, Cowes
  • M&O Cafe and Tapas, 1/14 The Esplanade, Cowes
  • Fig & Olive and Fork and Waffle, 115 Thompson Avenue, Cowes