Housing and Neighbourhood Character in Bass Coast

Bass Coast Shire is one of Victoria’s fastest growing regional municipalities, with the area forecast to have a population of close to 48,140 residents by 2036. This population growth will result in demand for almost 10,000 new houses.

To ensure that we are well equipped to sustainably manage this forecasted population growth, Council is preparing a Neighbourhood Character Study, a Housing Strategy, and a Residential Development Framework.

Thank you to everyone who has provided feedback on the project during the first round of consultation. Feedback for this stage of the project is now closed. An engagement summary report for stage 1 is available to view here.

Please note, we have updated the project timeline following recent announcements regarding the Bass Coast Distinctive Areas and Landscapes project, being undertaken by the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning. You can read more about the updated timeline under FAQs.

We will be sharing more information with you about the progress of Neighbourhood Character Study and Housing Strategy and there will be further opportunities for you to leave feedback and review the draft studies over the coming months.

Neighbourhood Character Study

The Bass Coast Neighbourhood Character Study will assess the neighbourhood character of residential areas across the Shire. The Study will capture the unique values and distinctive attributes within each of Bass Coast’s settlements, and develop planning controls that will ensure new residential development is responsive to its context.

We have prepared a Background Paper which provides further details about the Study, the project methodology and an overview of issues and opportunities for neighbourhood character in Bass Coast.

Watch the video below to learn more.

Housing Strategy

Over the coming years, we will need to provide more new homes to accommodate the Bass Coast's growing population. The Bass Coast Housing Strategy is being prepared to manage projected growth across the Shire over the next 15 years. We have developed three key principles to guide the most appropriate locations for new housing. These include: strategic context and services, environmental hazards and ecology, and neighbourhood and landscape character

Before we start developing the draft Housing Strategy, we have undertaken a Residential Market, Demand and Supply Assessment to get a better picture of the future housing needs and challenges for Bass Coast. The assessment has found that we will need up to 10,000 new dwellings by 2036 to accommodate future community needs.

Watch the video below to learn more.

Have Your Say

Have your say and tell us what you think about housing and neighbourhood character in Bass Coast using the interactive map and survey below. Your feedback will help to inform the draft Neighbourhood Character Study and the draft Housing Strategy.

Feedback is now closed.