Council has appointed Wiltrack Earthmoving Pty Ltd as part of our annual supply contract to start drainage renewal works adjacent to 104 McKenzie Street, Wonthaggi. See map below.

These works are now complete.

  • This project is an important part of the Stormwater Drainage Renewal Program under the 2015 Drainage Services Asset Management Plan and will ensure delivery of the adopted Community Service levels.
  • This drainage renewal work is to contain and manage stormwater runoff and flows of the catchment within the designated drainage reserve area.

The total project cost is in the order of $180,000 and part of Council’s adopted 2022/23 Capital works Program.

  • Remove existing old fence and concrete pad.
  • Replace side fence between property number 102 and 104 McKenzie Street.
  • Trenching works to install a new 600mm diameter underground stormwater drainage pipes and pits
  • Reconnect existing and provision of new stormwater house drains to the new pipe to those properties that do not currently have one.
  • Construct new berm (earth embankment) with imported clays, sand, topsoil, rock spoils and turf reinforced mats.
  • New swale drains
  • Redirect existing gravel footpath around new berm
  • Reinstatement works as required.

Area of Works

Location of works