About the project

Council sought input from industrial operators and residents to develop a comprehensive strategy for managing industrial land use in the shire. The strategy will address the challenges of ensuring sufficient industrial land and functional precincts to accommodate a growing population and support existing and new businesses.

The shire currently has several industrial precincts, including Cowes, Grantville Newhaven, Inverloch, and Wonthaggi. However, the increasing demand for industrial space is putting pressure on these precincts and creating challenges for existing operators. To address these challenges, we sought feedback from industrial operators and residents on the following:

  • The current use of industrial precincts across the shire
  • The challenges faced by local industrial operators
  • The pressures on other areas to accommodate industrial operations

We also sought feedback from residents who live near industrial precincts about any concerns they have.

Next steps:

We will review the feedback received to support the development of a strategy that meets the needs of both industrial operators and residents.