About the Project

The growth of freight movements, tourism and development within Wonthaggi has increased demand and conflict on the local transport network. The Wonthaggi Alternative Freight route will encourage freight and through traffic movements to avoid the town centre by providing an alternative freight route.

The combined impact of population growth and congestion created by freight, alongside heavier and more frequent freight volumes will impact on liveability and changes will provide for a more efficient, sustainable and cost-effective freight and logistics movements. This is particularly important for the dairy, agricultural, tourism and extractive industries.

An alternative freight route will

  • Eliminate current and potential bottlenecks
  • Enhance the liveability of Wonthaggi by the creation of a bypass or more efficient and less disruptive routes through town
  • Improve safety
  • Increase productivity and reduce freight costs
  • Provide efficient access to sand extraction sources and markets
  • Reduce impact on the amenity of town by diverting heavy vehicles
  • Reduce the burden on the intersection