Resource extraction in Westernport is a threat to the shire’s economy which is underpinned by the natural environment with eco- tourism and agriculture being key industries

Bass Coast has been declared a Distinctive Area and Landscape by the Victorian Government. Sand mining is not an appropriate land use within our delicate, environmentally fragile vegetated areas nor within close proximity to our residential communities.

In addition, Council expresses its strong concern regarding the latest findings of the State of the Environment Report 2021 (SoE 2021) which identifies all aspects of the environment are under pressure and many are declining because of human environmental damage including mining. In the 2016 State of the Environment Report the pressure from extractive industries on biodiversity was regarded as low impact but in the most recent SoE 2021 assessment the pressure was reclassified as “high impact.”

Council requests that no further Planning Permit or Work Authority approvals are provided by the Victorian Government until such time as the community has been consulted regarding Extractive Industry Interest Areas.

Council is seeking Bass Coast is removed as an Extractive Resource Interest Area. This interest area includes significant proportion of Bass Coast’s last remaining remnant vegetation. It includes vegetation identified by DELWP as the highest condition bracket and strategic biodiversity value bracket.