About the project

Bass Coast Shire Council has commenced work on creating our new Economic Development Framework. The Framework will outline Council’s plan to increase opportunities for business activity and investment, facilitate participation in employment and education, build the competitiveness, diversity and resilience of our economy, and support the ongoing economic wellbeing of the community. It will look to address the economic recovery for our municipality as we emerge from the impacts of COVID-19 pandemic.

The development of the Framework will be over four distinct phases, with each phase having opportunity for community involvement.

Development process

1. Discover phase

The first phase involves deep data gathering to explore the high-level challenges and opportunities for Bass Coast. We identify and contextualize the actual problem or opportunity.

This phase is supported by collecting information through business and industry surveys and the completion of a State of the Shire report. The data is the evidence base to inform discussion regarding the future framework.

Engagement Opportunity

  • Targeted stakeholder engagement in small groups online and in-person across the region from September to October 2022
  • Community can provide input and feedback through the open survey on Engage Bass Coast
2. Define phase

This phase will examine key data and learnings gathered during the discover phase. We will filter through information and elaborate on the different components in the form of a Discussion Paper.

Engagement Opportunity

  • We are seeking feedback on the narrative captured in the Discussion Paper
  • The Discussion Paper will be published on Engage Bass Coast and will be distributed to those that have engaged with the project to date or registered via Engage Bass Coast.

3. Development phase

The draft Framework will be created during this phase following feedback from the Discussion Paper. The draft Framework will be reflective of key findings in earlier stages and aspirational in nature.

Following the public exhibition period and summary of feedback the Framework will be presented to Council for consideration.

Engagement opportunity

  • The draft Framework will go on public exhibition, Council will seek feedback from the general community, targeted stakeholders and those that have engaged with the project to date.
  • There will be a series of community drop-in sessions across the municipality.
4. Deliver phase

This phase involves the implementation of the Framework and delivering on actions identified over the next 4 years. A twelve-month action plan will be created each year.

Importantly as part of this phase, it will include reporting on progress including achievements and initiatives we do not progress.

Engagement Opportunity

  • Targeted stakeholder engagement and where appropriate broader community engagement of priority projects and initiatives.
  • A yearly report card will be produced and presented through Engage Bass Coast.