About the project

Did you know that Bass Coast is home to over 570km of underground pipes as part of our Urban Drainage System? This number grows every year as new developments are created.

Council is responsible for managing and maintaining this system and to do this we have the Drainage Services Asset Management Plan. This Plan aims to ensure that our urban drainage systems provides the required levels of services in the most cost effective manner to cater for the community.

This Plan is revised every four years and 2024 is the year! In summary, the new Plan doesn’t change the service levels we provide but aims to maintain them. With local housing and development growth comes added infrastructure and therefore added cost to maintain. Each year the amount that it costs to maintain our drainage systems increases as we’re looking after the existing assets plus any new assets that have been built and handed over to Council to look after. We think it is reasonable to aim to maintain our existing service levels but would like to hear your thoughts.

We sought feedback from community on the draft plan until 15 April 2024. Consultation is now closed for feedback.

Next Steps

We will review the feedback received and may include in the final document for Council consideration for the May Council Meeting.

A few facts...