About the Project

In 2023, Bass Coast will have two premier Cultural Venues with the completion of the new Cowes Cultural and Community Centre. These will strengthen our community, generate jobs and provide further opportunities for social connection. Vibrant creative industries support tourism and hospitality industries which have been heavily impacted by the pandemic.

Annual funding assistance of $150,000 is sought to assist with programming of professional touring product including theatre, live performance and visual arts, ensuring that our regional venues showcase the highest quality dynamic cultural content. This programming support will provide attendees with access to a greater quantity, quality and diversity of arts events and activities which will contribute significantly to the cultural, social and economic development of our regional communities.

Opening in 2023, the $27 million Cowes Cultural and Community Centre will include a library, theatre/cinema, gallery, café, community hall, meeting and gathering spaces. It will create an events destination, increase visitation and length of stay, and provide for a diverse range of community uses and cultural activities. It will cater to high projected population growth and establish a strong sense of local identity.

With regional events and exhibitions proven to provide significant social and economic benefits, Bass Coast seeks funding to ensure the people living and visiting Bass Coast have access to high quality arts and cultural facilities in our programming schedule. This funding will elevate the audience experience through the opportunity to present a range of new and valuable cultural events, increasing tourism expenditure and helping to address the severe negative impacts of the pandemic on the arts industry and our local economy.