About the Project

Council has joined 100 other local governments across Australia in declaring a climate emergency, recognising the serious risk that climate change poses to safety of the entire Bass Coast community. Council and the community have confirmed a shared target of zero net emissions by 2030 and has developed a plan that recognises the role each can play. For further details on how you can get involved visit the Climate Action Portal.

In Bass Coast, climate change and severe weather events are impacting our coastal communities and environments now. Rising sea levels and coastal erosion is a concern for our community, with the Inverloch coast experiencing significant erosion in recent years, impacting local amenity, vegetation and infrastructure.

Our advocacy efforts seek funding for identified priorities and policy change.

  • Cape to Cape Resilience Project

    Coastal erosion is impacting our coastal townships. Council asks that the Victorian State Government fund and deliver urgent coastal erosion mitigation works and address recommendations from recent studies.

    • $10m initial investment to deliver on the findings of the Regional Coastal Hazard Assessment that is being undertaken as part of the Cape to Cape Resilience Project.
  • Pilot Projects

    Council has identified two pilot projects to support agricultural and farming practices and low income and vulnerable community members.

    • Carbon Drawdown Smart Farms Pilot Project
    • Vulnerable Communities Incentives
  • Policy and Programs

    Bass Coast calls on the Federal and State Governments to set an accelerated ambitious emissions reduction targets and supports policy change in the sector.

Climate Change Action Plan Video