About the Project

Bass Coast has 3,200 business ABNs registered employing almost 11,000 people. The aim of this survey was to further understand how these businesses operate, their confidence levels and how we can facilitate growth in the region. The information provided by our local business owners is invaluable and helps Council understand some of the challenges and opportunities for businesses in Bass Coast and better guide the work Council does to facilitate a healthy and sustainable economy. The information gathered helps us to understand business sentiment and identify trends, training gaps, and key issues.

The survey data is key in shaping Council’s approach to economic development, including how we attract and facilitate new investment, support our existing businesses, how we better prepare our local workforce and a range of other initiatives that will be considered as part of our Economic Development Framework.

Results summary

  • Respondents were primarily from retail trade (23%), accommodation and food sector (23%) and health care and social assistance (12%) and primarily work at a permanent business location.
  • Development and training needs include marketing (digital, social and general), cash flow, grant writing, business planning and improving energy efficiency.
  • More businesses are experiencing challenges recruiting and retaining staff than before the pandemic. Attracting staff was a key issue for approximately a third of respondents.
  • Businesses are confident that our economy is improving, are planning to expand their business and increase staff numbers.
  • Anticipated challenges for next 12 months include Australians choosing to travel overseas, petrol prices, staff retention and recruitment and managing low tourist numbers without government support

Results Report - Business in Bass Coast survey