The Unlocking Rural Tourism Strategy seeks to facilitate sustainable tourism development in appropriately located rural areas

The Strategy examines real and perceived barriers to investment and where appropriate, recommends their removal. It was developed in response to feedback from various sectors of the community that the current controls in the planning scheme are insufficient to effectively manage tourism proposals outside our townships.

Council received feedback on strategy in June and July 2022. Over 300 people engaged with Council and 46 submissions were received. Four key themes from community submissions were:

  • Retain the Rural Activity Zone and undertake a comprehensive rural land use strategy to determine appropriate zonings that consider more than just tourism uses.
  • Ensure environmental considerations and an appropriate nexus between environmental protection and a tourism use
  • Infrastructure and servicing concerns
  • Indigenous heritage recognition

A consultation summary report and a final strategy have been prepared in response to community consultation. The final strategy has been altered to address the concerns raised by submitters.

This final strategy was adopted by Council on 15 March 2023.

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