Council has appointed TS Constructions Pty Ltd to replace the concrete planks of the retaining wall and glazing the entire platform at Wonthaggi Railway Station Museum.

The Wonthaggi Railway Museum offers a link with the history of the former railway and a destination for all users of the trail. This project will enhance the destination by replacing the concrete planks of the retaining walls and glazing the existing platform to formalise it for community use.

  • Replacing the concrete planks of retaining wall impacted by deterioration over the years.
  • Glazing the entire platform to provide weather proof area to showcase historical relics of the area.

The total project cost is in the order of $438,800 which funded by the Growing Suburbs Fund ($388,000) and Council ($50,000).

  • No native vegetation removal required during the works.
  • Appropriate traffic and pedestrian control measures will be implemented during these works. No road closure is expected.
  • Our staff and contractor will notify nearby residents and user groups who may be impacted by these works.
  • The project will result in noise and vibration from heavy plant and machinery used for construction, including earthmoving equipment and use of trucks and cranes for removal, installation of equipment or delivery of materials to the site.
  • The rail trail will be accessible during the works.
Location of Works

Location of Works