Council wishes to advise the commencement of Water Sensitive Urban Design (WSUD) rehabilitation works at Bayview Avenue, Tenby Point.

EcoProjects Australia Pty Ltd has been awarded the contract as a part of Councils' adopted Capital Works Program for 2022/23.

These works are being conducted to increase stormwater drainage by rehabilitating existing raingardens, grass swales and infiltration basins along Bayview Avenue between Park Lane and Guy Road. The WSUD items found to be underperforming for several years and not serving their function of effective stormwater drainage.

  • Increased efficiency in stormwater discharge in the area due to rehabilitated Water Sensitive Urban Design (WSUD) items.
  • Re-vegetated rain gardens and infiltration basins.
  • Improvements to the Storm Water Quality.

This project is funded by Council’s Storm Water Renewal Program. The total cost of this project is in the order of $100,000.

  • No native vegetation removal is required during the works.
  • Appropriate traffic and pedestrian control measures will be implemented at Bayview Avenue during these works. Some truck movements could be experienced by landowners within the area. This will be a construction zone and for your own safety and others, there will be some access restrictions. Please find the attached Approved Traffic Management Plan (TMP).
  • Our staff and contractor will notify nearby residents and user groups who may be impacted by these works. We appreciate that these works may present an inconvenience and we ask for your patience during these works.
  • Noise from plant and machinery, including earthmoving equipment and use of trucks for removal or delivery of materials to site.